2 comments on “Why I Immediately Disown Anti-Choicers but Not Pro-Lifers

    • I know a lot of people who are personally averse to abortion but who would never try to step between a woman and her doctor if she decided that was what she needed. The term anti-choice is there to distinguish between these pro-lifers and the ones who think that abortion doctors need to be murdered and that women who get abortions belong in prison. I don’t want to imply that anybody’s personal moral decision about their own pregnancy (real or hypothetical) can be wrong, so I am careful not to group all kinds of pro-lifers together and give them the same criticism (and if need be, the same expulsion from my life).

      It’s sort of like complaining about right wing fundie Christians rather than just “Christians.” Out of deference to a couple of denominations that I feel are a positive cultural force, I’m going to be as specific as I can when I complain about some particularly-Christian ways of being a dickbag so that I am only talking about the dickbags.

      So pro-life and anti-choice aren’t actually synonyms. There are plenty of people who are both pro-life on a personal level, and pro-choice when it comes to others. I don’t want to alienate them, and equally importantly I don’t think that anti-choicers deserve the credibility that being associated with those pro-choice pro-lifers lends them. They deserve to be singled out for what really makes their position unique and extreme: their belief that a pregnant woman is not qualified to decide the outcome of that pregnancy.

      That’s my feeling on it, at least. I don’t feel that being pro-life and being pro-choice are necessarily opposed positions. Being anti-choice and being pro-choice are.

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