9 comments on “Go Forth and Nullify

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  2. “Censoring a sexist from saying something dumb is one of the worst possible sins for a woman; perhaps only surpassed by getting an education, having a position of authority, occupying a lucrative job and/or failing to sleep with him.”

    This is the most profound truth I have read all day. Absolutely fucking beautiful.

  3. Reading that was like a really good vacation. A brief, refreshing interlude needed amid the nubingly mundane toil that gives one the energy and wherewithal to confidently stride back into the melee. That, and I laughed a LOT. Thanks!

    • I like to think that I support the work of highly intelligent, caring women by being their shadow selves; the brawling, venomous ball of mirror-jackassery. I ciphon the unproductive rage of our community and fire it like a concentrated ova-ray out of my loose cannon.

  4. I second your plan but don’t think I have it in me to try this myself. I get pretty worked up by trolls of varying nature on the local newspaper comments forum (for eg.) – my biggest problem is at times how they repeat the same horseshit that had been called out the previous day by some patient Good Samaritan or a reverse-troller.

    I still prefer to look at baby animals when I am feeling despondent about the state our socio-political affairs.

    And oh, Jill over at Feministe runs a series on trolls – perhaps you’ll find this entertaining, in case you’ve not seen it before. Example: http://www.feministe.us/blog/archives/2009/06/12/fnnt-season-5-the-conspiracy-miracle-or-illusion-round/

    More here: http://www.feministe.us/blog/archives/tag/feministes-next-top-troll/

    • I understand, brother. It is only really recommended for use when you just really can’t take anymore and someone thinks it’s hilarious to poke the bear.

      I think I might do a more sentimental column this week on cooperation. Perhaps that will level my karma for Mean Gal 101.

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