3 comments on “BEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE :D :D :D

  1. Anyone who thinks childhood is awesome should spend one full year:
    1) being unable to make their own medical decisions and need the approval of some other person to even see a doctor.
    2) with no control over the bank accounts containing the money they earn at their jobs and…
    2a) totally vulnerable to the whims of the person who controls the account with no legal recourse.
    3) unable to rent an apartment or hotel through conventional methods.
    4) legally forbidden to drive a car.
    5) Undergoing rapid, dramatic changes in body shape

    Need I continue?

  2. Thank you for sharing about this stuff. I also had a terrible childhood due to a mother that is batshit crazy. It always makes me feel a little better to hear other peoples stories about having a bpd mother. Also, you kick ass at writing so that makes it all the more awesome.

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