One comment on “On the evil plan to give black women bodily autonomy

  1. I think the thing of it is that, from my perspective, black women may have higher rates of abortion because it is continually economically unstable in an environment that still suffers from institutionalized racism and sexism and every 1 of 9 black men are incarcerated, not including those culled by early death. For me, “population control” is the most humane thing you could do for a group that traditionally face these hardships. Heaven forbid you throw class into the mix. Then you have an inspirational story you don’t get credit for…

    I get some of the gist, in that there should be more growth in the black community as percentage of the population. I fully endorse that. I just think it would be great if there were more around. I think the more people got used to the idea, the less they’d be able to hold on to their racist beliefs. That being said, you might have more black women consider the joys of parenting if they were assured that their family would have two parents who were able to find stable work for decent pay, if they were assured they were going to be able to buy a house and get a fair mortgage with an appropriate mortgage rate, if they were assured that they would be treated fairly and protected equally by the police, if they had access to equal opportunity for advancement, that if their children became sick that they would receive adequate care and the best medical advancements. That if their children went missing, there would be a wide scale hunt by people near and far to find them, and that their reputation wouldn’t be maligned in the process. That they could guarantee their children would be treated fairly by their teachers instead of punished for no reason. That they would be able to provide for their family and have job security, instead of fearing the early winds of an economic downturn because last to hire, first to go. Perhaps if they could figure out answers to these and many more questions, they might repair a climate that would give any would-be parent a moment of pause when considering whether or not becoming a parent is a reasonable and sane thing to do. However, focusing on the method of relief…the very thing that could stop a young black woman from a downward cycle….without addressing everything else, it’s just cruelty. Plain and simple.

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