One comment on “Elisabeth Cornwell Whitewashes Jefferson’s Record

  1. Love your writing! What’s happening today with Reagan is similar. They’re focusing on qualities and actions that further his canonisation as a conservative saint, while ignoring those that would argue for his damnation. It’s a post mortem revisionist narrative tactic used by groups seeking claim to successful historical brands. Joan of Arc has been an early feminist, a butch lesbian, a transman, a sufferer of schitzophrenia, a saint, and I’m sure a few other things that she may not have ever been, but by cherry-picking evidence, they can make a case for her to be a crispy spokesperson for their cause. My brother claims to be an adherent to Jeffersonian Democracy, He read a biography or two, and seems pretty comfortable in his beliefs. My mom just remembers learning that he got sick after returning home from the brothel he set up for a former “slave/mistress,.” which makes it sound almost romantic. Thomas Jefferson: venture capitalist for those formerly property and rape victims of colour. What a mensch!

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