4 comments on “Cisgender People and Linguistic Marking

  1. Loved reading this! I got tired of seeing so many transphobic blogs scrolling through (I wasn’t even scrollign through Transgender so it’s not like I was looking for them!) and was really starting to get annoyed over how many people were there too condemn them compared to the people there to say ‘Hey! You’re ok!’. Thanks for brightening up my evening.

    • Glad to help. I’m not trying to toot my own trans ally horn here or whatever when I say that I don’t really grok these kinds of mindsets. They legitimately MAKE NO SENSE and that makes them hard to understand except in this vague sort of “unexamined privilege is a helluva drug” kind of sense.

  2. Excellent post! I don’t run into the “how dare you label me” thing much in real life, but I do include cis- in the definitions module of every Trans 101 course I give. I’ll have to use this as an example of how it works when confronted by it, and link to it when someone online needs some schooling. Thanks!

  3. In a course dedicated to developing multicultural awareness I ran into some really really heavy resistance to understanding why it matters that there is a normal and a label for everything else. This was the first concept we were to get and the cis-straight-EuroAmerican-males in my group were put upon by the discussion. This attitude is prevalent and frustrating thanks for posting!

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