5 comments on “Occupy Occupy

  1. Hey there. Thanks for the peg and I really like what you added to the conversation on the issue. I’m going to reblog this on our site and I’ll be back to read more of ya’ll stuff.


    Will RIchardson

    • Oh, wow! Thank you. I’m glad that you liked this. I found your entry linked by one of our local occupiers who’s also been pretty frustrated about this issue, and what was initially going to be a Facebook comment turned into this big thing.

      I’m not gonna lie I was SUPER excited to see a comment from you over here. Thanks for what you’re writing.

  2. Reblogged this on Red. Soc. and commented:
    Piece from Dissent of a Woman on issues of race and gender in the occupy movement. Appreciated them referencing the piece I wrote on the issue a few months ago. Regardless of the peg I agree with all their points especially this one, “It’s not merely our job at this point to open the door and say, “You are welcome to join us.” We have to do that and then actually allow conversations about their unique experiences, or else what we’re really saying is, “You’re welcome to join us as long as you pretend your struggles aren’t different.” In that latter case, we’re setting a very high price on participation by demanding that they be less true to their experiences and needs for the privilege of being accepted even at the margins.”

  3. This is super well written and even more illuminating(as i am one of the people who were and most likely still are part of the problem). In defense of OB one of the things that it taught me was the skill of introspection. And i find being critical of and willing to change myself a huge asset in dealing with issues of privilege(something that i have only recently started to address in earnest). That being said, it was me(relatively slowly) realizing and acknowledging the exact things you talk about in this piece that helped me to gain that reflective skill. So my “defense” amounts to “yea you are totally right about OB, but hey i kinda learned from it…..” which, needless to say, is weak. I guess my only point here is that despite its problems(which are not few) OB and i’d hope other occupies as well were and i hope continue to be a place to start. Without occupy who knows when i would have pulled my head out of the colorblind left sand. Again thank you for this piece, it is terrific!

    • Glad it was helpful.

      The main reason I keep trying to have these conversations is that I’ve of course needed people to have them with me. So this is sort of me paying it forward to thank all the LGBT women of color in particular who made it clear to me what was what.

      I’m glad I was involved in my local occupation, but I’m equally glad I’m not involved now. I gained from it in terms of wisdom, skill, and connections to people that I know I can trust in the future (as well as awareness of which people I absolutely cannot), which means that however it turned out, at least I turned out a better activist than I was before. At least, I think I have.

      It’s just not a place that’s any good for me anymore, and in our area at least, a lot of marginalized groups realized it wasn’t for them a lot sooner than I did. I think what I need to do is figure out where they went and see if it’s anything I can help with.

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