4 comments on “The Girl Who Played With Fire

  1. This is all really, really good, but one little thing: I think it’s actually misguided to think that because men self-report in the space of a confidential study, they self-report in the streets. Even criminals have protections under the current ethics standards and I think they know it. This was a really important article to write. Thank you.

    • Glad it worked for you.

      I have known one guy who basically self-reported that because he was so sad and depressed at one point in his life that his sad and pitiful self would go to bars and buy women drinks in the hopes that eventually he’d get a kiss out of them or something more. I was like, “Uh dude. You know what we call men who get women drunk so that they’ll give up more than they would sober, right?” I don’t talk to that guy anymore. =/

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  3. Peoples opinions of these despicable acts are definitely a problem. It seems to me that these people get their ”excuses” from two main area’s in society. From court room lawyers who will trash anybody’s reputation for profit and from our seemingly mentally retarded media. Both of these groups are made up of supposedly intelligent individuals who must be able to see the damage they do. Come the revolution these are people who will surely be among those that pay dearly for not only allowing this situation to continue, but also by encouraging the trend to continue by inventing the ”playing with fire” excuses.

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