4 comments on “Negotiating with Terrorists

  1. I have siblings in other states, but only one who lives in town. That’s my brother, who lives maybe three or four blocks away, and yet I hardly see the man. I see anyone else in the family at least an order of magnitude more often. He lived with and then married a brow-clutcher.

    You say there is a life to be had without this, and I was doing pretty well at it, but he took up with this woman. I faded, man, and it was the only sane response. At first people asked me why I didn’t see him more, patch it up or something, but I was so unmoved and uninterested that people dropped the idea of suggesting it after a few years. It’s just a fact, now, not an issue.

  2. I have a lot of guilt because I can’t help but notice that I am much happier, healthier and more functional when I maintain a strict estrangement with my family. Even other folks I know who have truly awful families don’t seem to favor estrangement. It’s puzzling.

  3. Wow. Yeah, that’s always the kicker, isn’t it? They manage to control themselves in public. I used to pray desperately for company to come over, or for my parents to accept invitations, because it would mean at least a couple hours without a temper tantrum from either/both of them.

    Of course, they managed to isolate themselves further and further, so the respites got farther and farther between. But it’s one of the reasons I feel SAFE in shopping malls, because they had to behave there and I got to be out in a world of normal people who didn’t throw fits or threaten suicide if you looked at them funny….

    • Yeah, I hear you. Though in my family it always felt like after those little respites they were even worse when they were unsupervised again, like they were exhausted from the effort of acting like a human being and now had to recharge by throwing a big damn tantrum.

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