10 comments on “The “Why I Need to Call Some Men Creepy” Linkdump

  1. *standing ovation*

    I’m going to write a blog about this myself. I want to comment on the thing about women who really do mean “yes” when they say “no” with a motto:

    For the sake of everyone, myself included, I’d rather miss a yes than “mistake” a no.

    (Also, I hope “than” was correct, there… I still can’t figure that out and US-English is my native tongue…)

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  4. I’ve been called creepy by at least two women. And I highly respected these women, and cared for them – I believe – more than any other guy did. I am disgusted by women – and people in general – these days. Hence, I say: Fuck the world, and I’ll just go it alone, if women can’t respect or appreciate me. Who needs em .

    • If you only respected them until they didn’t give you your due, after which they disgusted you, perhaps they are better off having alienated you. A worthwhile man doesn’t go from respect to disgust the moment he is rebuffed, and it sounds like it has happened to you more than once.

      Either the relevant variable here is that there’s something wrong with all women, or there is simply something wrong with you. Which do you think is statistically most likely? Try to set aside your obvious unwillingness to examine how your lofty intentions come across in your behavior and think like a logician for one moment. What’s the most likely common element?

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