5 comments on “If you think Dylan Farrow is a delusional liar and that the real victim is Woody Allen, there is a 1000% chance that I hate you.

  1. I don’t think Julian Assange is any less capable of rape than anyone else.

    The problem I have with defenders of Assange is that they believe that “the US government is out to get him” and “Assange is a rapist” cannot both be true, and that the rape charges can ONLY be an attempt to smear him.

    Is it possible they are? Yes. Is it possible he is a rapist? Yes. Ask yourself, in the culture in which we live, which one is more probable.

    And that would be the point of why believing the testimony of survivors is important. Is there a possibility that they are lying? There is ALWAYS possiblity. The real question is, what is the PROBABILITY? Those are two different things. But even before that, we don’t treat other crimes this way. We assume the probability that someone who reports a crime was actually a victim of crime, until something indicates otherwise. With rape, it’s reversed.

  2. If you brand a man guilty without him having a right to a trial and believe all men accused are guilty then theres a 1000 per cent chance I hate you.

    • I’m comfortable with being hated by people who give more assumption of innocence to people with a documented history of creepy behavior around children than they do to the honesty of the children making accusations. Hopefully that’ll keep you away from any of the children I know, but if that’s not enough, please hate me more until we can both be sure.

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