7 comments on “How Big Pharma Basically Invented Depression

  1. Paxil is my steady-life enabler. I take below the “therapeutic dose” for depression because I do not primarily need it for that.

    • I didn’t love paxil when I took it, but there is such a myriad of brain chemistry, I’m really glad there are options. Are you taking it for anxiety? I have great respect for people with GAD. They get so much bull for it.

  2. Well said. Some meds worked better than others for me and my doctor and I worked together to find one that got me stable. Eventually, I was able to go off meds and use cognitive therapy to manage my depression. That’s what works for *me* but it infuriates me when people hear only the parts of that story that fit their narrative and try to apply it to everyone.

    • I’m a huge believer in therapy, even for people who aren’t unwell, per sé, such as families or couples in crisis. At the same time there are some people for whom it’s just not enough; not because they’re “sicker” or whatever, but because they’re just different from others in that way. I think if you’ve been in therapy for years, tried different strategies and therapists, but still have suicidal cycles, medication is a really, really good idea.

      Also (the anti-med folk will hate this, but…) I think the pace of progress in therapy is really inhumane for some circumstances. For example, in cases of severe general anxiety, I’ve seen doctors prescribe short-release sedatives to take the pressure off just while waiting for the half life of an SSRI or atypical antidepressant to kick in. I think that’s a really smart approach in these certain cases, and it sounds like you had a similar deal; where you needed some clarity and acuity to formulate your own coping strategy. I’m really glad you’ve found something that works for you.

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