3 comments on “Hot Women and their Failure to be Invisible

  1. I thought it was sad too. And statistically, her fears may well be legit, but the problem is that she lays the blame for that everywhere but where it belongs; with her husband (if those fears are realized). That’s the greatest tragedy of all; that all of those feelings— of being a disposable woman that must constantly prove her worthiness in the basest of terms— do have a basis in many people’s every day reality. Love is a radical, transformative thing, except for those times when it’s not. When it is not, it is a wide tunnel straight into your most weak and vulnerable places that allows all the worst parts of the status quo to seep in.

    I’m glad you’re the recipient of that transformative, humanizing love. I am also. Good stuff.

  2. The person she needs to talk to is not any of those women going about their lives in public and on social media. She needs to have a long talk with her husband. It is clear that his behavior is causing her pain and if that isn’t brought out into the open, it is going to cause a rift in their marriage. If she can’t talk to him about it, then her marriage has far bigger problems than her husband looking at other women.

  3. Hold up folks- she specifically says that her husband dies what he can to avoid leering, or staring/looking. That he reassures her constantly. This is no more his fault than the young women she feels compared to. This is not an angry woman. She IS a judgemental woman, but as far as I can tell, that judgement is aimed entirely at herself. She used to be a young hardbody. Now, apparently , she is not. She is afraid that her husband MUST be as disappointed by this as she is. That’s sad.

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