4 comments on “Why is so much “inspirational” material so ableist?

  1. Thank you for posting this. So many of those things pop up on the various social media sites I use, every single day.

    I have intractable epilepsy. I average between four and six tonic-clonic (what used to be known as grand mal) seizures per month. Epilepsy comes with a *lovely* side effect, in the vast majority of cases: chronic depression. I also have cPTSD and social anxiety.

    I do a pretty good job coping, really. Most of the time, I can look at what I manage to accomplish, and be proud of myself. Most of the time, I am proud of myself. I overcome more, most days, just to get out of bed, than a great many people will endure in this whole year.

    But… “EARN my body???” Really, Captain Powerlift? If I “earn” my way through the day, and manage to provide meals for my family, to do a load of laundry, to spend time with the people I love, then I’ve earned more than you could imagine.

    “Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will?” Huh. Think of that. I will try to remember that, the next time I wake up in the floor, wondering whether this puddle around me means I spilled my drink, or that I pissed myself. Oh. Wait. The seizures zap my memory. Oops.

    And if “pain is just weakness leaving [my] body,” then I’m one of the strongest motherfuckers in the universe.

    Sorry. This inspired some rantage. Thank you for giving me that outlet and inspiration.

    • I know that one person doesn’t make much of a difference, but I want to tell you that I’ve heard you, you’re not invisible and you don’t deserve this disregard and stigma. I know how it hurts.

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