Who we are:

Upon completing the consumption of all physical matter in her home dimension, Xenologer clawed her way through to this one where she was promptly distracted by the flash and glitter of a burlesque show. Her co-bloggers feed her enough misogynist scum to keep her hunger at bay, and she repays them for their services with entries that say “fuck” a lot.

Stakeallforyou is a workaday nobody who spends half of her time being the shadow self of feminism; the sinister, man-slaying-bitch-demon. The other half of the time she spends trying to fix whatever she ruined while being the intrepid, radiant feathered chimaera.

DJ Shiva is a rantypants who decided she needed someplace to store her perpetual grumblings in longer form than Facebook would allow.  She’s working on her diplomacy skills, but most of the time prefers brutal honesty and critical dissection.  She is also easily distracted by science fiction and pictures of cute animals, so when she’s on a rant, just hand her a kitten and the world is a happy place again.

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